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Aya Healthcare is a leading travel nursing agency, servicing healthcare facilities in all 50 states.

Aya Healthcare offers you:

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Travel Nursing Jobs

Aya Healthcare is committed to help you find the best travel nursing jobs and local nursing jobs across the USA. With high salaries, a great benefits package, furnished housing and relocation assistance Aya Healthcare has everything you need to advance your nursing career.

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Travel Nursing

Interested in the travel nurse lifestyle? Whether you are looking to soak up the sun on a California beach, ski in Colorado, or marvel at the rustic beauty of New Mexico, Aya Healthcare will make your travel nursing dreams a reality.

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traveling nurse jobs

Per Diem Nursing

How does $500 on your day off sound to you? If you are looking to increase your earning potential without affecting your schedule, Aya Healthcare has Per Diem nursing jobs that are right for you. Flexible hours and high pay.

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Permanent Nursing

Aya Healthcare places qualified individuals in the permanent nursing positions of their dreams. From staff nurse to nursing executive, we can help you plan your nursing career and help you reach the next level in your career goals.

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Travel Nursing in New Mexico
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